Get Ready for KOZO Lifestyle and Glamour

The world is getting a fresh infusion of glam with the KOZO lifestyle brand.

The stunning looks are being launched with a focus on two things every glamour-conscious girl finds indispensable: pearls and lingerie.

Select pearls are from Mie Prefecture in Japan, where the famous seawater pearls are generally thought to some of the world’s most exquisite.

Kozo selects only rare Akoya pearls, nurtured deep down in the sea of Ise.

The jewelry is designed for those few who appreciate Kozo’s signature marriage of nature with sleek, stylish design. Every piece is hand crafted by our Japanese craftsman, with the emphasis on KOZO lifestyle.

New KOZO Posh Collection will be launching in the beginning of 2012.

Recent collaborations include with Japanese design brand Strange Feak Designs. (See title shot.)


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